Summer Sustainability Film Series

Sustainability is something we value tremendously here at Lively Lane, so we are excited to share that our friends at Keep San Marcos Beautiful and Sustainable San Marcos are beginning an educational summer movie series this week!

The Summer Sustainable Film Series kicks off this Friday, June 18th at Plaza Park located in Downtown San Marcos. Once a month on Friday nights from June to September, you can bring your picnic blankets and popcorn to watch a series of documentaries about topics ranging from climate change to our very own San Marcos River. 

Take a look at the film schedule below: 

  • June 18th – Plastic Paradise: The story of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. If plastic doesn’t go away, where does it go? 
  • July 16th – Motherload: An award-winning documentary that uses the cargo bike as the vehicle for exploring parenthood in this digital age of climate change.
  • August 20th – Yakona: A visual journey through the crystal-clear waters of the San Marcos River and its headwaters at Spring Lake. 
  • September 10th – Kiss the Ground: A film about how regenerating the world’s soils has the potential to stabilize the Earth’s climate, restore lost ecosystems, and create abundant food supplies. 

Are you just as excited as we are for these screenings? Let us know while we help you find your future home at Lively Lane. Our goal is to provide quality homes with sustainability and proximity to city life in mind! Give us a call at (512) 392-3322 or message to reserve a townhome today.