Reservations are currently on hold. However, please complete this form to be added to the Waitlist. The waitlist does not require a deposit.
Informational only. Reservation Agreement does not obligate Prospective Purchaser to buy upgrades.
As part of our move-in gift to you, select from one of eight building emblems symbolizing what your new home signifies to you. At closing, we’ll mount your emblem under the gable of your new home.
Especially if you have not been pre-qualified or pre-approved for financing, the following fields are requested to better understand your preparedness to close on the purchase of a home at Lively Lane. While optional, completing them is encouraged. This form is not a credit application nor does it represent an offer from Seller to extend credit.
Lively Lane Site Plan

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Please Note: This Reservation Form is NOT an offer to sell but is for informational purposes only to assist Lively Lane in determining the priority of reservation requests and in preparing Reservation Agreements.  Lively Lane reserves the right to accept or reject reservations requests and determine priority in its sole discretion. Completion of this form does not reserve the requested unit.  Upon receipt of this form, a representative of Lively Lane will contact you and provide a draft Reservation Agreement for your review and execution.  A reservation is not confirmed until and unless a Reservation Agreement has been duly executed by Lively Lane and Prospective Purchaser and the refundable Reservation Deposit is received by the title company, Corridor Title.  Information collected from this form is intended for the sole use of Lively Lane. See website Privacy Policy for more information.

Disclaimer: Descriptions, renderings, illustrations, floor plans, amenities, finishes and other information described herein is preliminary and subject to modification by Lively Lane for any reason.  Further, all renderings, illustrations, and other graphic depictions are illustrative in nature and are not intended to reflect the specific condition of any feature, unit, or view when built.  The actual condition of the project when completed will control.  Lively Lane expressly reserves the right to make changes to the unit, regime, planned amenities or common area during the construction of the project.