Refer to site plan to view townhome addresses and location. If your preferred plan is fully committed, you will be added to the Waitlist. Feel free to leave additional details/preferences in the Comments section.
As part of our move-in gift to you, select from one of eight building emblems symbolizing what your new home signifies to you. At closing, we’ll mount your emblem under the gable of your new home.
Lively Lane Site Plan

Disclaimer: Descriptions, renderings, illustrations, floor plans, amenities, finishes and other information described herein is preliminary and subject to modification by Lively Lane for any reason.  Further, all renderings, illustrations, and other graphic depictions are illustrative in nature and are not intended to reflect the specific condition of any feature, unit, or view when built.  The actual condition of the project when completed will control.  Lively Lane expressly reserves the right to make changes to the unit, regime, planned amenities or common area during the construction of the project.