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  • Rendering of The Clever Townhome
  • Ground floor plan of The Clever Townhome

The Clever Townhome is a sensible home designed to provide for daily necessities in a cozy two-floor layout suitable for an individual, couple, or small family.  Living and kitchen activities situate downstairs away from the quiet of the bedrooms above. Vaulted ceilings and a main bedroom balcony open up the second floor; and a full bath maximizes functionality with a separate toilet closet and integrated washer/dryer .  A welcoming entry planter and rear patio create opportunities to test your green thumb and relax outdoors. Phase One models include a private, fenced rear garden and a custom-designed bike/storage shed.  Dreaming of this townhome? Aren’t you clever.

Home #DeliveringStarting PriceAvailability
1Fall 2021$239,900Reserved
2Fall 2021$234,900Available
3Fall 2021$239,900Reserved

Disclaimer: Descriptions, renderings, illustrations, floor plans, amenities, finishes and other information described herein is preliminary and subject to modification by Lively Lane for any reason.  Further, all renderings, illustrations, and other graphic depictions are illustrative in nature and are not intended to reflect the specific condition of any feature, unit, or view when built.  The actual condition of the project when completed will control.  Lively Lane expressly reserves the right to make changes to the unit, regime, planned amenities or common area during the construction of the project.