Lively Lane is inspired by the promise of a more compact, connected, and sustainable future San Marcos.  Each home at Lively Lane orients around shared spaces and amenities that foster community while still prioritizing privacy with fenced, private rear gardens, thoughtful window placement, and double-wall construction between units. The renderings below highlight some communal focal points of this lively, peaceful pocket neighborhood. Click each to embiggen.

People walking around and children playing outside on Lively Lane shared street

The private living street that creates Lively Lane’s namesake is constructed of a custom-engineered permeable paver system that actually treats site stormwater by removing up to 93% of total suspended solids (i.e., water pollutants).  This IS your grandparent’s street, and it’s a place for more than just cars.

People enjoying their backyard spaces and walking along the rear boardwalk pathways

Individual rear gardens with high-quality fences of cedar and steel front onto a common yard traversed by boardwalks made of 95% recycled material.  This space is fenced and available to residents and their guests for open play, lounging, or a stroll.  Phase II is designed to include a larger community green with additional amenities1

People congregating around the community shed, bike station, shared table, and mailboxes at Lively Lane

Situated just off Lively Lane, the space around the Community Shed hosts a bike repair station, community table, mail stop, and announcement board all surrounded by native landscaping and biofiltration gardens.  Working on a project? The Community Shed itself is available for resident use when you need a bit of extra space to get crafty.

The community areas of this integrated pocket neighborhood are all maintained by a professionally managed condominium association. At Lively Lane, spend time living your life – not mowing a lawn.

Surrounding Area

While LED lights and solar panels get all the attention, true sustainability starts with your location.  The truth is, it’s hard to live a low-impact lifestyle if you’re forced to fire up the car for every trip (yes, even electric ones).  Thankfully, Lively Lane is located near a multitude of walkable amenities and even more essential destinations by bike.  San Marcos’ The Bus’ primary #1 line has multiple stops nearby and service is scheduled to improve in coming years.  Explore our interactive map below.2. Oh, the places you’ll go!

Key for the surrounding area map with location markers and labels for the comfortable walk radius and comfortable bike radius
Information regarding the walk times and distances to local destinations from Lively Lane.
Information on the bike times and distances to local destinations from Lively Lane.

For those times when a car is the best or only choice, Wonder World Drive (RR12) is just a couple blocks away and IH-35 is just under a mile, putting the Hill Country, New Braunfels, San Antonio, and Austin all within reach.

City of San Marcos

Defined by its pristine, spring-fed river and invigorated by the vibrant academic culture of Texas State University, San Marcos sits nestled along the famous Texas Hill County in an area believed to be among the longest continuously inhabited sites in the Americas.  As the seat of Hays County and at the heart of the Texas Innovation Corridor, the Greater San Marcos area is among the fastest-growing regions in the country and more than just a suburb of Austin or San Antonio.  Whether you decide you’re a proud San Marcan or become entrenched in San Martian culture, you’ll quickly realize that San Marcos has its own magic.  That’s not stock footage below, these are real images3 of some of our favorite places, all within a walk or bike of Lively Lane.

Aerial view of downtown San Marcos with Texas State University in the background at sunset.

Downtown San Marcos is home to the iconic Hays County Courthouse Square (“The Square”) and many beloved local restaurants, shops, nightlife, and other attractions.  Downtown’s Plaza Park hosts San Marcos’ signature community events such as the annual Mermaid Festival and Promenade, Sights and Sounds of Christmas, Summer in the Park, and more.  With Texas State campus and the river both by its side, Downtown is the nexus of San Marcos.

Steaming river view at Rio Vista Park with surrounding rock landscaping at trees during the Fall.

Sure, lots of towns have rivers, but are those perpetually 72 degrees and well-known as the cleanest river in Texas?  Take a dip in the San Marcos and you’ll soon know why residents congregate around the river all year long. Rio Vista Park is a favorite destination with a relaxing landscape for lounging and an open-water area great for floating with family and friends.  Earn the title of expert by completing the Texas Water Safari, the world’s toughest canoe race, running 260 miles from San Marcos to the Gulf of Mexico.

Night-time walking path through the Purgatory Creek natural area hiking trail with a starry sky and tall grass.

It may be called the Purgatory Creek Natural Area, but you’ll find open space Valhalla in the 700 plus acres that form the largest natural area in San Marcos.  The Lower Purgatory trailhead is literally around the corner from Lively Lane.  Miles of trails welcome runners, mountain bikers, hikers, and birders.  Download trail maps, learn more, and get involved at the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance webpage.

  • Phase II and its amenities are not guaranteed and subject to change.
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  • 3 Courtesy of SMTX Photos

Disclaimer: Descriptions, renderings, illustrations, floor plans, amenities, finishes and other information described herein is preliminary and subject to modification by Lively Lane for any reason.  Further, all renderings, illustrations, and other graphic depictions are illustrative in nature and are not intended to reflect the specific condition of any feature, unit, or view when built.  The actual condition of the project when completed will control.  Lively Lane expressly reserves the right to make changes to the unit, regime, planned amenities or common area during the construction of the project.