Construction Update: Putting on the Finish

Lively Lane has been a buzz through the holidays since our last update.  The new year has brought about a new phase of construction: finishes!  Phase one Clever Townhomes have received their first coat of interior paint making way for cabinets, interior doors & trim, and tile installation.  What began as just a collection of rough materials is starting to take shape as future homes for Lively Lane neighbors!

The Classic and Complete Townhomes are not too far behind with both buildings having fully passed rough-in and frame inspections.  Like many of us this time of year, they’ve also put on their coats – and in a building’s case that means insulation.  Sheetrock is staged in each of those homes and will be hung this coming week to close up the interior walls.  

The Industrious LiveWorks have received spray-foam insulation at the roof deck and a few last rough-in items are wrapping up before getting batts of wall insulation in the coming days.  In the meantime, the stucco crews are at work at the exteriors of these units knocking out the last of the building envelopes for phase one.

During our last update we mentioned the buildings were “momentarily tan,” and it’s exciting to now see them receiving the first coats of Chelsea Grey.  Each building’s vibrant accent color and black trim elements will follow next to really start bringing the site’s original visualizations to life.

Last, but not least, site crews are back and have established the final subgrade elevations.  Concrete and landscape crews have mobilized to start the fit and finish of the site, including the permeable paver system for Lively Lane’s namesake private drive.  Its underdrains and multiple layers of filtration stone will arrive soon. Ultimately, those layers will be topped by the pavers serving not only to add the final aesthetic touches for the neighborhood’s living street, but also to filter the runoff that falls on Lively Lane.

Ready to secure your spot at Lively Lane?  We’re down to the final phase one home and multiple phase two plans have gone to wait list.  Fill out a Configuration Form, give us a call at (512) 392-3322, or email us directly at if you have any questions or are ready to secure your future home.